What was the main inspiration behind Born In Blue?

The need for transformation, coming closer to leaving and moving forward.

Were you looking at any other artists to inform your process or technique?

I usually don't look at other artist for techniques if I don't require a complicated process. My process is very personal, simple, and organic.

What do you want the viewer to feel when they see your work?

I'd like them to allow themselves to a self-connection. If it brings them a higher sense of self-awareness like it did me, that would be great. 

How has Blue moved beyond the work you did for your previous series?

Blue is a new color and emotion I wasn't able to focus on in my last series. The passion is far more tangible in this one.

What is it that sets this work apart?

The harmony between the colors and the organic nature of the elements. The feeling of coming to a lighter state, such as being swept up by air and water.

Images from the opening at LIGHTBOX in NYC


Loan on Born In Blue

“Born in Blue” a new exhibition by Artist/Illustrator Loan Chabanol premiered September 26 and 27th, 2015 at LIGHTBOX and was produced by CTM Sisters Productions and Loanimation.  The exhibition was curated by Monica Watkins of CFAC, an organization built on the ideology that cultivating artists and creating opportunities to empower underserved youth through programmatic learning and projects can indeed change the world.

“Born in Blue” is an illustrated body of work that includes otherworldly mystical creatures that share a great desire to break free and liberate their souls. These creatures are connected by the very things that inspire us all...finding love, love of self and finding one’s place in the world. The mystical creatures are all very connected to the earth with different degrees of awareness, the physical aspects of each character morphs and changes as each being develops a desire to transform.

With “Born in Blue” Chabanol returned to her roots, using pastel pallets of watercolors and fluid acrylics on simple backgrounds creating an opportunity for interpretation by viewers whereby they could imagine themselves in such an expansive and extraordinary world. 

Guests at Born in Blue entered an atmosphere of water and earth created by a video installation directed by Loan Chabanol, a collaboration with animator Corinne Alexis Hall. Born in Blue was comprised of 11 acrylic and watercolor paintings and a short animated video.

Notable attendees included SELECT Card Members, artists Tim OkamuraHugo McCloudTaha Clayton and Calvin Klein Supermodel Garrett Neff.

To purchase pieces of "Born in Blue", please visit new-gallery.